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Place of accommodation of foreign students
27.03.2019, 14:58

Foreign students live in the Student’s hostel of the Institute, located at Str. Ziyolilar, 33, Mirzo Ulugbek district. ...

About international students studying at TSIOS
27.03.2019, 14:27

There are 19 international students study at TSUOS. Among them 2 students from Kazakhstan, 2 students from Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 9 students from Russian Federation, 2 students from Turkmenistan, 1 student from Kirgizia and 1 student from Ukraine. All of them study at bachelor level and 1 student from China study at...

Was held a spiritual event “People trafficking – the problem of the time”
27.02.2019, 17:47

On February 27, 2019, at Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies was held a spiritual-enlightenment event “People trafficking – the problem of the time”. At the event participated the representatives of Mirabad district department of internal affairs, head of spirituality and enlightenment department J.Shabanov and students of institute. During the event was mentioned that t...

Schedule of the Faculty of Korean Studies
25.02.2019, 14:47

Filologiya, XMI, Siyosat 1-kurs Filologiya, Siyosat, Tarix, XMI 2-kurs Filologiya, Tarix, Jahon siyosati, XMI 3-kurs Filologiya, Tarix, Jahon siyosati, XMI...

Schedule of classes at the Faculty of History and Philosophy
25.02.2019, 12:38

1-year course 1-year course 2-year course 3-year course 4-year course 4-year...

A seminar at the faculty of Еconomy and policy of foreign countries
08.01.2019, 15:18

On 7th of January 2019, at the faculty of Еconomy and policy of foreign countries of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies was held a seminar “The Influence of Institutional Changes to the Economic Growth and Human Capital Development”. During the seminar, participants discussed the features and meaning of reforms, implemented in the country, issues of economic competitiveness, innovative f...

At the faculty of History and philosophy was held a seminar on using international scientific bases
04.01.2019, 12:22

On 4th of January 2019, at the faculty of history and philosophy of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies was held a seminar, which was devoted to the international scientific bases. Head of the Innovation Center of the Institute M. Kalandarov told to the seminar participants about the international scientific bases as Scopus, ScienceDirect, Ebsco, Web of Science, searching for the...

Professors and students of TSIOS took part at the presentation of the books
20.12.2018, 16:55

On 19th of December 2018, at the State Museum of Temurids history was held a presentation of books and booklets, which were published in 2018 in cooperation with Amir Temur International Charitable Foundation. The event was attended by experts, writers, public figures, representatives of publishing houses, as well as professors and students of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies. The...

“Innovation in teaching Oriental languages”
06.12.2018, 19:12

On 6th of December 2018 at Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies was held a conference “Innovation in teaching Oriental languages”. At the conference which was organized by the department of “Pedagogy and Psychology”, participated professors and teachers of the institute. At the conference was discussed interactive methods of teaching foreign languages, using...

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