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Department of Korean Philology

Scientific title: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
Position: Head of the department
Reception hours: Everyday (8:00-17:00)
Tel.: (+99890) 949-21-15

The history of the department

In 1991, after the Republic of Uzbekistan gained its independence, the Department of Korean philology was established at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies in order to establish mutually effective cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Uzbekistan. Initially, it was included in the Department of Japanese philology. Since 1992, it has been working as a separate agency. From 1991 to 2004, the department was led by Kim Mun Uk. From 2004 to 2015 Doctor of philological sciences Victoria Nikiforovna was the head of the department.

Today, the Department of Korean philology is a center for training philologists-Korean specialists of a wide range. If at the initial stage of the development of Korean Science in Uzbekistan the need for National Personnel was very large, now this issue has found its full solution. The main part of them is organized by graduates of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies with the first philological knowledge, volunteers of the KOICA organization invited to have special lectures from the Republic of Korea, as well as professors and teachers invited by The Korea Foundation. Education is carried out in two stages – Bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The department prepares students for The Bachelor’s degree in philology and Language Teaching (Eastern Languages). At the master’s level, he trains specialists in the sphere of “Linguistics” (Korean) and “Literary Studies” (Korean literature). At the same time, teachers conduct lectures and practical hours on the history of foreign countries, Eastern philosophy, economy of Far Eastern countries and country studies.

Bachelor’s degree

60230100 – Philology and Language Teaching (Eastern Languages)

Master’s degree

70230101 – Linguistics (Korean)

Disciplines of the department



  1. The main oriental language (1-4 courses)
  2. The main oriental language (Korean) practical phonetics (selective subjective)
  3. The main oriental language (Korean) writing structure (selective subjective)
  4. The introduction to the Oriental studies
  5. Literature of the country of the studied language (Korea) (2-4-courses)
  6. Main oriental language (Korean) the introduction to the philology (selective subject)
  7. Main oriental language (Korean) lexicology (selective subject)
  8. Intercultural communication (2, 4 courses) (selective subject)
  9. Additional oriental language (Korean) (2-4-courses)
  10. The methodology of teaching oriental languages
  11. Simultaneous translation
  12. Theoretical grammar of the main oriental languages
  13. Literary trends in the literature of the Eastern nations (selective subject)


Master’s degree:
Linguistics (Korean language)

  1. Theoretical problems of the specialty
  2. Special literature analysis of the specialty (1-2courses)
  3. The condition and the policy of the language in the country of the studied language (1-2-courses)
  4. The stylistics of the studied language (selective subject)
  5. The history of the studied language
  6. The dialect studies of the studied languages (selective subject)
  7. Theory and practice of the simultaneous translation (selective subject)
  8. Grammatical items in the studied language (selective subject)
  9. Semantic features of the verb forms in Mass Media language (selective subject)
  10. The features of business communication in the studied language (selective subject)

Literature (Korean literature)

  1. Special literature analysis of the specialty
  2. Eastern literature in the context of the world literature
  3. Folklore of the nations of the East (tanlov fan)
  4. Modern literature trends and directions in the studied language (selective subject)

Joint education program

  1. Korean language (the second year) (Sangmyong)
  2. Korean literature (Sangmyon)
  3. The introduction to the literature (Sangmyong)
  4. Reading and practicum of classical Korean literature (Sangmyong)
  5. Lexicology of Korean language (Sangmyong)
  6. Theoretical grammar of Korean language (Sangmyong)
  7. Theory of teaching pronunciation in Korean language (Sangmyong)
  8. Teaching theory of expression of thought in Korean (Sangmyong)
  9. Introduction to the Korean philology (Sangmyong)
  10. Sociolinguistics (Sangmyong)
  11. Introduction to the linguistics (Sangmyong)


Partner organizations of the department :
1. Tashkent state university of economy and diplomacy

2. Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami

3. Samarkand State Institute of foreign languages

4. Academic lyceum under TSUOS

5. Specialized school No. 59 in Shaykhontohur district

6. Institute of Sejong

7. Korean language training center of the Republic of Korea in Tashkent


International partners of the department
1.    Embassy Of The Republic Of Korea

  1. “KOICA” International Agency
  2. Korea Foundation
  3. International Fund ” Academy of Korean Studies


Teaching staff of the department:

Full name Position Academic degree Scientific degree


Saydazimova Umida Turaxanovna The head of the department Professor Doctor of philological sciences (DSc)


Kim Natalya Dexkenovna professor professor Doctor of philological sciences (DSc)


Kim Tatyana Sergeyevna dotsent Docent Doctor of philosophy  (PhD)


Yunusova Gulshoda Dilshodovna senior teacher Doctor of philosophy  (PhD)


Say Luiza Denisovna teacher


Yusupova Gulchehra Alisherovna teacher


Mirsharipova Barno Abdusattarovna teacher


Xvan Nadejda Ivanovna teacher

9 Muradova Durdona Boxodir qizi teacher-trainee

10 Ismatullayeva Diyora Zokirjonovna teacher-trainee

11 Aliyeva Dildora Botirovna teacher-trainee

12 Dadabayeva Dilrabo Shuhrat qizi teacher-trainee

13 Hidoyatova Aziza Tal’at qizi teacher-trainee

14 Baxramova Maftuna teacher-trainee

14 Sobirova Madina Baxramovna teacher-trainee

15 Abdullayeva (Abdug‘aniyeva) Feruza Baxodirovna teacher-trainee


The staff of professors and teachers working in the joint educational program with Sangmyong University:

Full name Date of birth Occupation Academic degree Scientific degree


Xan Syong Xi 07.03.1953 professor PhD


Pak Sang Xi 21.12.1970 o‘qituvchi
3 Park Jin Mi 10.04.1976 o‘qituvchi

4 Chae Jong Gil 10.03.1955 o‘qituvchi

5 Jo Min Yong 12.01.1984 volontyor-o‘qituvchi


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