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Rector’s greetings

Dear students! Let me congratulate you on joining the close-knit team of TSUOS – the family of orientalists. Going into the university is a new phase and I genuinely congratulate you on successfully mastering the science of Oriental studies.

To this end, you need:

• To be a modern orientalist with profound knowledge of international politics and corresponding to the requirements of the world, possessing comprehensive knowledge, fluent in languages of foreign countries of the East and West, as well as culture, history, philosophy, economy and socio-political processes of the countries of the Near, Middle and Far East, South and Central Asia;

• To respect national values, traditions and express tolerance towards social and cultural differences;

•T o work to improve your intellectual and general cultural level and achieve spiritual and intellectual perfection of your personality;

• To be determined to achieve your set of goals, taking into account moral and legal standards and obligations;

•To be up-to-date in the latest developments of scientific and technological achievements in the selected field, regularly monitor and analyze information in global computer networks, be ready to vividly express their humane, patriotic position;

• To respect the ethical and legal standards, you must follow as a member of the team and be persistent in achieving the highest goal that you have set for yourself;

• To put the interests of the team above personal interests, to ensure that kindness, kindness and generosity can become your life values, to be a selfless, patriotic person who puts the interests of the country, the Motherland, wherever you are.

I wish you all strength, luck and success in continuing the traditions of famous orientalists who contribute to the development of our country and spread its knowledge around the world.



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