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Qualification Requirements

71010401_ – Tourism (by type of activity)

70411902_Foreign economic activity (by industries and types of activities)

70411801_Foreign Economics and Country Studies (by countries and regions)

70310802_International relations and world politics

70230502_Literary Studies (on oriental languages and areas of research)

70230501_Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology

70230202_Synchronous translation (on oriental languages)

70230201_Comparative linguistics, linguistic translation (on oriental languages)

70230102_Classical philology (on oriental languages)

70230101_Linguistics (on oriental languages)

70220502_Eastern philosophy and culture

70220303_Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research (by countries)

70220301_–_History (by directions and types of activity)

61010500_–_Guiding and translation activities (on oriental languages)

61010400_Tourism (by areas of activity with oriental languages)

60411800_Foreign Economics and Country Studies (by countries and regions)

60320100_–_Journalism: international journalism (with oriental languages)

60310700 – Political science

60230300_–_Textology and literary source studies (on oriental languages)

60230200_–_Translation theory and practice (on oriental languages)

60230100_Philology and language teaching (on classical oriental languages)

60220500_Philosophy (Eastern Philosophy and Culture)

60220300_–_History (by Eastern countries and regions)

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