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Urgench technical school of oriental languages ​​and services


121212 Matkarimov Davranbek Matyaqubovich
Academic degree and title: Doctor of Philosophy
Position: Director of the technical school
Reception hours: Every day (10: 00-12: 00)(Receives citizens at other times as needed)
Tel.: +99897-700-12-48

Information about Urgench technical school of oriental languages and services

The technical school was established on the basis of Resolution PR-5241 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was dated on the 31th August, 2021, “On measures to strengthen the integration of the educational process and industrial practice between higher, secondary special and vocational education institutions”.

The address of the technical school: 24 Yoshlik Street, Urgench, Khorezm region.

Director of the technical school: Matkarimov Davranbek Matyakubovich.

Directions of the technical school:

Accounting and auditing (code: – 2 years of study (admission: 50 students),

Tourism (by type of activity) (code: – 2 years of study (admission: 210 students),

Organization and management of the hotel industry (code: – 2 years of study (admission: 50 students).

The capacity of the technical school is 360 places.


The potential of teachers in the technical school is as follows:

The technical school has 17 teachers. Of these, 2 are candidates of sciences, 1 is a doctor of philosophy, 1 is a leading teacher, 5 are senior teachers, and 8 are teachers with higher education.

There are two departments at the technical school:

  1. Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
  2. Department of Special Sciences.

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