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5 important initiatives



        Work planned to be carried out in Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies in the direction of wide implementation of 5 important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

      Initiative 1. To increase the interest of young people in music, painting, literature, theater and other types of art, to reveal their talent:

Wide involvement of university students and young people in Uzbek, eastern and western literature, various directions of national art by experienced professors and teachers, organization of art, music, foreign language and literature circles at the university, their equipping and inventorying the rooms where clubs are held for their activities.

Organization of the “Students’ Festival” under the motto “Enlightened youth – the mirror of the country” .

Conducting “Student of the Year” “Student Theater Studio” and “Fun and Smart” contests at the university .

        Holding the national championship of young representatives of professions according to the “World skills International” system in order to reveal the talents and abilities of students .

Establishing the “Star of the East” theater-studio of orientalist-students consisting of students with acting and hosting skills

Organization of the “Sanduvoch” ensemble of orientalist students consisting of students interested in singing and playing music and dancing .

To hold the festival   “Masterpieces of the East” dedicated to material, cultural and written monuments recognized by the world belonging to each country in the section of the eastern countries where specialists are trained at the university .

Conducting the festival “Folklore of the Eastern Peoples” focused on oral creativity, national costumes, and customs of the Eastern peoples.

Conducting the “I’m an orator” competition aimed at training professional ethics and speech etiquette skills in students ,

Conducting educational conversations on the topic “In the footsteps of the greats” and a selection of video clips of the same name, inspired by the history of our country and national values .

      Initiative 2. To create the necessary conditions for young people to demonstrate their abilities in the field of physical and sports:

Physical training of university students, development of them as healthy individuals, taking into account the interests of all students, attaching them to sports clubs equipped with complete sports equipment. Organization of mass sports competitions among students, “Rector’s Cup” sports competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, chess, athletics and table tennis, as well as national competitions among students and youth conduct preparatory work.

Organization of sports competitions between young teachers and students under the slogan “Sports-health guarantee” .

Opening fitness halls at the university , taking measures to popularize aerobics and shaping sports, creating conditions for popularizing table tennis .

Conducting interfaculty spartaki with the participation of teachers and students at the university and student accommodation .

       3rd initiative. On the organization of effective use of computer technologies and the Internet among the population and young people :

Formation of the culture of information analysis among university students. Organization of additional Wi-Fi zones in the university and full coverage of student residences with the Internet global information network.

Organization of “Bloggers”, “Young inventors”, “Klipmakers” contests among computer technology students .

Organization of “News from the East” newspaper and telegram channel in electronic and printed form for the purpose of providing analytical articles and works of orientalists related to university news, meetings, problems .

Revitalization of the press service of the university , establishment of virtual club ” PR center” .

Organization of seminars and trainings aimed at improving the knowledge of Internet culture and information security among university students .

Holding a championship between university bloggers on the ” News from the East” channel

Organization of the internet radio of the university “Sharq Sadosi” .

       Initiative 4. To raise the morale of young people and widely promote reading among them:

Instilling in the students of the university the feeling of love for the motherland, the sense of self-sacrifice, through fiction, enriching the book fund of the information-resource center with new literature, attracting entrepreneurs, and organizing “Book-safes” in the faculties.

Conducting the contest “The most active reading group” among groups of university students   .

Conducting the “Best Essay” contest among university students aimed at promoting reading .

Organization of the “I will donate books to my dear neighborhood and school” campaign of university professors and students .

Organization of conversations and educational dialogues with the leaders of the field of oriental studies operating in various directions in the “Lessons from Oriental Orientalists” magazine .

Establishing the activity of “Reading club” for university Uzbek groups in Russian and English, and for other language groups to learn to speak Uzbek .

Conducting the “Thinking Tests” contest as part of the competition of intellectuals among university students .

Conducting the “Bookish student” screening contest among university students .

Opening a special telegram channel of the university promoting reading of the book called “Light is from the East” .

Carrying out the campaign “I read your book” dedicated to the works of famous artists .

Conducting the “Book Readers’ Competition” competition

Conducting the “Ghazal Khan Youth” competition aimed at studying our classical written heritage

Organization of the “Mangu Bitig ” literary workshop of the People’s Writer of Uzbekistan, Muhammad Ali, aimed at bringing together the heads of scholars engaged in artistic creation and translation activities .

Introducing the “Best Reader” scholarship for university students .

Introduction of “Rector’s scholarship named after Ogahi” for university students  .

        Initiative 5. Regarding employment of women:

Developing and implementing a plan of measures to increase the social activity of young people, especially women, to educate them as practical professionals, to study the available vacancies in the area of   permanent residence of students and to attracting graduates to jobs and establishing a system of ensuring employment.

Organization of sewing club activities in University and student housing areas to train female students of the University in their free time outside of classes on the topic of “Professional Secrets” , conducting roundtable discussions, social surveys, and teaching them to the profession with the participation of psychologists. reach

Organizing tailoring, cooking, embroidery and other courses in the university dormitory and attracting students to them.

In cooperation with the university psychologist and the women’s committee, the Telegram channel “Ruhiyat Ozigi” focused on the psychological problems of young people and students has been launched.

Organization of meetings in the direction of “What is said to the ear” in cooperation with the university psychologist and the Women’s Organization,

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