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Protection of environment

Action plan to improve environmental culture, consciousness by the staff of the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies

  1. Introduction of the course “Ecology” into the curriculum of the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies for students of the above university to study in all areas of the bachelor’s degree.
  2. When conducting courses “Life Safety” to expand and deepen the reading of the topics “Natural Disasters” and “Technogenic Disasters” for a higher preparedness of students in various disasters of both natural and man-made nature, and the development of correct behavior in these situations.
  3. When conducting the course “Principles of a healthy lifestyle”, focus on the disclosure of topics such as “The impact of environmental indicators of air, water, food on human health.”
  4. Conduct a number of activities to form the ecological culture of students of the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, organize regular meetings with students to get acquainted with the environmental problems of other regions, the city of Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.
  5. Organize a meeting of university students with environmental specialists, leading scientists of the Faculty of Ecology of the National University of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 15, 20 No 694-F on the territory of higher, secondary special and vocational education institutions in the autumn of 2021 and spring of 2022 planting greenery, landscaping, trees and In order to organize the planting of shrubs in a systematic and organized manner in the buildings of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies in Mirabad district Shakhrisabz-16, Shakhrisabz-25, Amir Temur 20 buildings for the implementation of the national project “Green space” under the motto The planting of fruit trees was held.

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