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Council of the university

 10x15  Pulatova Malohat Rikhsibaevna
Title Academic secretary
Visiting hours Monday, Thursday (09:00-16:00)
Number.:  +99891 166-85-07

The University Council will be created under the chairmanship of the rector to consider key issues related to the activities of the university.  The members of the Council are the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of independent organizations and branches of the university, heads of profile divisions, scientific secretary of the university council, head of the monitoring and internal control department of the university, head of the education quality control department, head of the educational and methodological department, head of the scientific research department  , innovations and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, as well as heads of public organizations.  The rest of the board members are elected by secret ballot at the general meeting of the faculty.  The number of teaching staff to be elected to the Council is determined by the order of the rector.  The council may also include leading academics and experts from specific areas of higher education.  The term of office is 5 years.

The purpose of the Council is, with the help of efforts, intellectual potential and all other capabilities of the university employees, to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks set in the Law “On Education” and the Law “On the National Training Program”, training specialists with excellent knowledge, skills and abilities at the level, required by the state educational standard.

University Council:

– monitors the implementation of resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions and orders of the Board of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– in accordance with the National Program for Personnel Training, verifies the strict implementation of state educational standards, qualification requirements, curricula and programs of specialties and specialties of the magistracy, sets recommendations and tasks on priority issues;

– interacts with customer organizations and makes appropriate decisions on educational, research and spiritual and educational work of faculties, on the activities of academic lyceums, scientific societies at the university, on the results of the selection committee, as well as marketing hearings of service reports on the needs of graduates of the national economy;

– discusses the implementation of plans for research, spiritual and educational work, training and retraining of the teaching staff and makes appropriate decisions;

– approves annual and long-term plans for the development of the university, discusses the results of material and technical and financial and economic activities and makes appropriate decisions;

– on issues related to the opening, termination, change of faculties and departments, as well as the establishment or termination of training in new bachelor’s and master’s specialties, makes a decision taking into account the proposals of the marketing service;

– conducts elections for the positions of professors and teachers in accordance with the Regulation on the procedure for selective recruitment of teachers in higher educational institutions;

– holds a meeting of the Board of choice for the position of a teacher of physical culture and sports (head of the department) with the participation of a representative of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– considers the documents of candidates for the title of professor, associate professor and submits them for approval in the prescribed manner;

– discusses and defines measures to ensure the proficiency of English by graduates and teachers of universities and the formation of basic skills in working with computer technologies, Internet access;

– discusses the issues of providing the educational process with textbooks, the development and publication of textbooks and teaching aids of a new generation, as well as teaching materials based on the use of innovative educational technologies;

– approves the minutes of the meeting of the Admissions Committee based on the results of entrance examinations of students for the main doctoral program, the results of interviews with applicants for doctoral studies and topics of dissertations of accepted doctoral students and main doctoral students;

– recommends candidates from among talented students and teachers for internships in foreign universities through the “El Yurt Umidi” Foundation;

– recommends candidates from among talented university students for the State scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the competition for state scholarships;

– Together with the Healthy Generation Foundation, develops measures to improve the physical education of students and their health;

– discusses the development of corporate interaction with major customer organizations, enterprises and institutions, strengthening the material and technical base and increasing the efficiency of student practice, develops recommendations for their improvement;

– decides to establish cooperation with higher educational institutions of foreign countries;

– hears reports from managers on the activities of small enterprises, firms and courses that provide educational services, and makes appropriate decisions;

– defines measures to improve the safety and health of students and university staff.

The council works according to the plan developed for each academic year.  The plan of the council is approved by the rector of the university after being reviewed by the council.  Decisions of the Council on all issues related to the educational, scientific and methodological, research, spiritual, educational and organizational work of the University are taken by a majority vote by open vote.  A meeting of the Council is considered valid only if 2/3 of its members are present.  Decisions on elections and nomination for the positions of teachers and on conferring the academic title of professor or associate professor are made by secret ballot in accordance with the established procedure.


Name and surname of the member of the Council Position of the member of the Council
1 Rixsieva Gulchehra Shavkatovna Rector of the University
2 Pulatova Malohat Rixsibaevna Scientific secretary of the University Council
3 Abdullaev Nadir Abdulhaevich Vice-rector for Scientific Affairs and innovation
4 Abdullayeva Shoira Khamidovna Head of Department of pedagogy and psychology
5 Alimova Rahima Riskulovna Head of Department of history and Ethnology of the peoples of Central Asia
6 Alimov Akliddin Isomuddinovich Head of Department of History, Culture, Policy and economy of Japan
7 Alimuhamedov Rixsitilla Abdurashidovich Head of Department of classical philology and literature
8 Kholmirzayeva Nodira Toshmirzaevna Head of Department of Japanese philology
9 Bituraev O’ktamjon Bazarbayevich Head of Department
10 Bultakov Ikrom Yusupovich Dean of the Faculty of Oriental philology and translation
11 Vakhidov Avazbek Ashiraliyevich Vice-rector for educational and educational affairs
12 Niyazova Nargiza Mukhtarovna Head of Department of History, Culture, Policy and economy of Korea
13 Zaynutdinova Shirin Irgashevna Chairman of the women’s Council of the University
14 Zakirzhanova Feruza Yuldashevna Head of the Department of work, supervision and monitoring with appeals of individuals and legal entities
15 Islamdjonova Khazifakhon Islamovna Professor of the Department of Turkic languages
16 Is’hakov Mirsodiq Mirsultonovich Head of Department of source Studies and mysticism hermeneutics
17 Alisher Nazarov Narimanovich Head of Anti-corruption Control System Control Department
18 Kamolov Javohir Dilshodbek oglu Leader of the primary organization of the Youth Union of the University
19 Kenjayeva Poshsha Umidovna Head of Department of Turkish philology
20 Mannonov Abdurahim Mutalovich Professor of the Department of Iranian-Afghan philology
21 Madaminova Durdona Iskandarovna Head of Department of politics and international relations of Eastern countries
22 Mahmudov Elyor Azimovich Vice-rector for International Cooperation
23 Sakitova Saida Khafizovna Head of the Department of quality control of Education
24 Matchonov Elyor Omonovich Dean of the Faculty of Japanese Studies
25 Mirziyotov Shuhrat Mirgiyazovich Vice rector
26 Muhibova Ulpatxon Uchkunovna Head of Department of South and South-East Asian languages
27 Muhiddinova Dilafruz Zohriddinovna Head of Department of literature and comparative literature of Foreign Eastern countries
28 Mirzahmedova Hulkar Vasilovna Head of Iran-Afghan philology Department
29 Nazarova Sayyora Anvarovna Head of Chinese philology Department
30 Nasirova Saodat Abdullaevna Confucius institute director
31 Nikolayeva Kamila Sergeyevna Head of Department of Chinese history, culture, policy and economy
32 Omonov Qudratilla Sharipovich Vice-rector for Youth Affairs and spiritual and educational work
33 Ochilov Azad Mardievich Dean of the Faculty of Chinese Studies
34 Polatova Dildor Akmalovna Head of Department of Eastern philosophy and culture
35 Rahmonberdiyeva Karima Saydanovna Head of Western languages department
36 Saydaminova Umida Turakhanovna Head of Korean philology Department
37 Saidov Shavkat Jumaboyevich Head of the magistracy Department
38 Sayfullaev Durbek Bakhtiyarovich Director of the scientific and Analytical Center for research on the development of Eastern countries, chairman of the Council of young scientists
39 Salaev Dilshod Sofarbayevich Head of the Department of history, culture, policy and economy of Turkic peoples
40 Sadikova Shirin Bakhtiyarovna Head of the Department of Uzbek language and literature
41 Sultanov Hojimurod Abduhakimovich Director of academic Lyceum
42 Saodat Umarova Head of the educational-methodical Department
43 Usmanova Shoira Rustamovna Dean of the Korean faculty
44 Khaqberdiev Qahramon Gurbanovich Director of the Research Center for the study of Eastern culture and heritage
45 Khodjayeva Nilufar Bekmuratovna Department of translation and international journalism
46 Khusanov Chori Kadirovich Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Policy and tourism of the Eastern countries, chairman of the trade union of the University
47 Shabanov Jumali Kazimovich Dean of the Faculty of Turkish Studies
48 Khashimova Sabohat Abdullaevna Uzbek Center for Chinese cooperation
49 Shodmonova Sanobar Bazarbayevna Department of history and anthropology of eastern
50 Shomusarov Shorustam Giyazovich Head of Department of Arab philology
51 Ermamatov Shonazar Jumakulovich Head of Department of economics of Eastern countries
52 Kalandarov Mirzajon Sitmamatovich Head of the Department of scientific research, innovation and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel
53 Kadirov Zikrillo Musakhonovich Dean of the Faculty of Eastern civilization and history
54 Kadirova Zulayho Abduxalimovna Department of foreign economic activity and tourism
55 Kadirqulov Bakhtiyor Jalilovich Head of Department of Mathematics and general sciences

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