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Union of Youth of Uzbekistan

 Suyarov Komiljon 
Post: The leader of the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan in TSUOS
Reception hours: Every day  (13:3016:00)
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The Youth Union of Uzbekistan is committed to the formation of a physically healthy, mentally mature and intellectually developed, independent-thinking young generation, protecting young people from external threats and the harmful effects of “mass culture”, protecting the rights and legal interests of young people. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that unites the youth of Uzbekistan, formed by individuals in the organizational and legal form of the union in order to facilitate and create conditions.

The main goal of the Union is to deepen the democratic, political and economic reforms implemented in the country by young people, to strengthen peace and harmony in society, to involve Uzbekistan in the process of joining in the ranks of the developed countries of the world, and to ensure the effective protection of the rights, freedom and legal interests of the young generation. – raising the moral and professional level of girls, helping them to realize their intellectual and creative potential.

The main tasks of the Union are:

– formation of mature, independent-thinking young people, who have their own vital position and firm beliefs, who are capable of taking a worthy place in the social life, becoming a decisive force and support in the processes of reforming and renewing the country, increasing their political culture, legal literacy and consciousness;

– educating young people, especially unorganized youth, in a spiritual and moral sense and in the spirit of military patriotism, forming historical memory in them, releasing national pride and sense of identity, involvement in current events, forming the sense of respect for national and universal values;

– protecting the rights and legal interests of young people, supporting the pursuit of modern professions, involving in business activities;

– supporting the talented youth, creating conditions for them to realize their creative and intellectual potential, and involving them in scientific activities;

-forming a healthy lifestyle, ecological culture among young people, particularly non-organized youth, widespread involvement in physical education and sports;

-helping to protect young people, especially unorganized youth, from the influence of religious-extremist and other destructive organizations, from negative influences and threats coming from abroad under the guise of “mass culture”, and to prevent delinquency and criminal activitiies among young people and so on.

The primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan at the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies has 14 directions that are constantly coordinated.

Furthermore, each faculty has its own leader  the primary organizational structure.

The main goals and tasks of the primary organization of the TSUOS  youth union are as follows:

-supporting the initiatives and talents of students;

-forming teamwork skills, leadership and public speaking skills in students

-encouraging young active people in the social life of the university;

– opening up their creative potential in acquiring additional professional skills and launching new projects

– helping students solve difficulties and problems…


The TSUOS youth union team has implemented and is still implementing a number of projects that are useful for university studies and social life:

Dear students of our university, you will do your future career with your knowledge and activeness. The main goal of the TSUOS Youth Union team is also to support your aspirations and efforts.

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