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Department of History, culture, policy and economy of China

55 Nikolaeva Kamila Sergeevna
 Scientific degree and title Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in political sciences
Post Head of the department
Reception hour: Wednesday, Saturday (10:00-12:00)
Tel.:  +998977148820

History of Department

The Department of History, Culture, Politics and Economy of China was formed on the basis of the merger of two departments of the Faculty of Chinese Studies: the Department of Politics, History of China and its place in international relations and the Department of Economics of China. To date, the head of the department Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in political sciences Nikolaeva Kamila Sergeevna .

The students of the department study on three directions of the bachelor’s degree and two specialties of the magistracy:

Bachelor’s directions:

5120700 – World Politics (People’s Republic of China)
5120300 – History (Eastern countries and region)
5230100 – Economy of foreign countries and regional studies (People’s Republic of China)

Specialties of the magistracy:

5А120701 – International relations and foreign policy;
5A231001 – Economy of foreign countries and regional studies (by countries and regions)

Educational disciplines taught at the department:

5120700 – World Politics (People’s Republic of China)

Introduction to the oriental studies
Country studies (China)
World politics
PRC in world politics
International relations of Eastern countries

5120300 – History (Eastern countries and region)

Introduction to the oriental studies
History of China
History of Chinese Culture
History of the Reform Movement in China
The Great Silk Road: History and Modernity.

5230100 – Economics of foreign countries and regional studies (People’s Republic of China)

The Economy of China
Cоuntry studies (state system, history and culture)
Business and entrepreneurship in China
Demographic processes and labor market in China
The process of modernization and diversification in China
Innovative and Investment Policy of China
5А120701 – International relations and foreign policy;
Regional aspects of modern international relations
5A231001 – Economics of foreign countries and regional studies (by countries and regions)
Peculiarities of the scientific, technical and innovation policies of the countries of the studied region
Properties of geo-economics and national development
World economic systems

Professors and teachers of the department:

Karimova Natalia Ermanovna – doctor of historical sciences, professor;
Sadibekova Bibisora Japparovna – candidate of economic sciences, docent;
Sharapov Anri Abdullaevich – candidate of political sciences, senior lecturer;
Nigmanov Azizbek Ulugbekovich – senior lecturer;
Kazakbaev Hikmatilla Ismatullaevich – lecturer;
Yuldashev Alibek Soat o’g’li – lecturer;
Hasanova Nargiza Nigmatullaevna – lecturer;
Hubbalieva Mahpurat Hamzaevna – lecturer;

Vohidov Alisher Avazbek ugli – lecturer;

Aminova Oyzoda Erkinjon kizi – lecturer.

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