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Online meeting

12.06.2020, 13:02 News 1680

An online meeting on the Zoom platform called “My footsteps, my words remain.”

The National Library of Uzbekistan held an online meeting with its readers on the Zoom platform on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the National Writer of Uzbekistan, Said Ahmad, entitled “My footsteps, my words remain.” Sh. Rahimova, an employee of the National Library of Uzbekistan, said she was pleased to meet with readers on the Zoom platform, emphasizing the content and essence of today’s conversation. “Said Ahmad’s contribution to the development of Uzbek literature and the development of our national culture is invaluable. His novels, dramas, and short stories on contemporary themes are loved and read by our people, and he is known and valued as an artist of words, a hard-working writer. Said Ahmad’s works now permeate every Uzbek household. That is why today we hear the impressions of our readers from the works of Said Ahmad and get acquainted with the memories of the writer’s followers about him, ”Rahimova said. The meeting was attended by members of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, literary scholars Adhambek Alimbekov, Khairulla Hamidov and Temur Ubaydullo. Adhambek Alimbekov, a member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, acknowledged that Said Ahmad’s works have a strong place in Uzbek literature due to their inner feelings, nationality, nationalism and depth.  Temur Ubaydullo spoke about the humorous works that played a special role in Said Ahmad’s work, the history of their creation and the various events that led to their writing: it also approaches humor in the expression of subtle, inner feelings. In his works, he masterfully depicts the way of life, spirit and mood of the people in a very lively, pure Uzbek language, rich in vivid images, so his jokes are sincere and relevant, ”he said.