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Rector’s scholarship

11.03.2020, 14:05 News 2614



Do not say that you have not heard, and those who heard, let others know!

Happy spring, dear friends ! Everywhere we can see beautifully opened spring flowers, red fields with poppy feathers and feel the beautiful heady aroma of greenery.

Our talented and best students! We invite you to the holiday “G‘AZALXON YOSHLIGIM” (“Ghazals of my youth”)! The holiday will take place on March 18, 2020 at the Palace of Culture of our institute!  Students participating in this competition have to  recite the poetic works of our great poet Alisher Navoi. The winner of the competition will be determined by a strict jury.

THE WINNER WILL BE AWARDED WITH THE RECTOR’S SCHOLARSHIP NAMED AFTER “NAVOIY”. The scholarship amount is 500 thousand sums, it will be paid monthly until September 2020.

Requests of the competition:

  1. Knowledge by heart of at least 250 beites from the ghazals of Alisher Navoi;
  2. Expressive recitation by heart of the ghazals of Alisher Navoi;
  3. Registration on March 11-17, for this you need to go to the dean of the Faculty of Oriental Philology from 14:00 to 17:00. The dean’s office is located on the seventh floor of office No. 705, it is imperative to have an electronic photo 10 × 15 in size.

Members of the jury:

  1. National Writer of Uzbekistan, Professor Muhammad Ali (Chairman of the Board).
  2. Bakijon Tukhliev (member), member of the jury of the competition for the best reader of the Republic.
  3. Member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, Associate Professor Adhambek Alimbekov (member).
  4. Researcher of Alisher Navoi’s works, doctor of philological sciences Dilnavoz Yusupova (member).

Hurry up! Victory awaits you!