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28.04.2020, 13:52 Ilmiy faoliyat yangiliklari 1391

The signing of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to radically improve the system of training in the field of Oriental Studies and increase scientific capacity” and the implementation of its implementation in the history of our country shows that a completely new system of training of qualified competitive specialists is being established. This decision will take new processes in this area to a new level and will be of strategic importance, launching an important direction of a new model of competitive training in the new phase of reforms in all areas.  Its strategic importance, first of all, the establishment of the existing university, is a practical manifestation of the President’s address to the parliament declaring it the Year of Education, Science and Science, and once again proved the high level of attention to the system. The fact is that in the current period of growing international relations, on the one hand, the improvement of relations between the states, the emergence of broad opportunities, on the other hand, the struggle between interests in international politics causes various difficulties and tensions, tensions, military conflicts. .  In such a conflict situation, only states that can pursue an independent foreign policy and skillfully act in diplomatic relations will be able to maintain and strengthen their sovereignty. This task is directly related not only to the availability of highly qualified specialists, but also to the functioning of an effective system of training and retraining of such personnel.

It is known that since 2016, Uzbekistan’s foreign policy has undergone significant positive changes in relations with Central Asia in general, and trade, investment, cultural and humanitarian ties have been developing rapidly. Analyzes show that this process is deepening.  The subtlety of the issue is that the importance and position of the East in international relations is growing, and at the same time there is a great need for rapprochement between East and West. In this context, Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, is emerging as a geoeconomic region connecting East and West, North and South.

Secondly, the status of the university provides great opportunities for professors and researchers to improve their pedagogical skills, find foreign partners, conduct joint research, organize different types of classes in different ways. It is also important in retraining professionals working in various organizations.

Thirdly , the functioning of research centers within the university directly connects the education system, science with practice. Students, masters, researchers and doctoral students will have the opportunity to conduct a practical examination of their research, to perform the practical parts of their research. The Scientific Centers involve the above in scientific analytical work by forming orders from various countries and public organizations, economic entities, and business structures.

Fourthly, this will create favorable conditions for creating modern training materials with international partners, conducting research, attracting partners to classes and joint training, and conducting various scientific conferences. The biggest result here is that professors help teachers work at a global level, share international best practices, and create innovation together.

Thus, the development of Oriental Studies has been brought to the level of state policy, and we see that such attention of the head of state imposes a new consistency, a new discipline, a new responsibility in our activities in the new conditions. It is precisely the implementation of these measures that our country is entering a period of great responsibility. strong trials before us require us to act accordingly to realize that there is hard work. In turn, such tests are the criteria of education and patriotism. These processes, along with education, give rise to important strategic tasks for the conduct of analytical research on domestic and foreign policy, the analysis of international relations, the training of competitive professionals in this area. In turn, the professor creates great opportunities for teachers, scientists, students, researchers at the same time, to express themselves, and requires a very responsible, practical scientific-analytical pedagogical activity.


Sayfiddin Juraev,

World politics and international relations

chair of professors,.PhD

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