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The seventh scientific-practical conference “Historical processes in the countries of the Far East and current issues of their study” was organized.

18.06.2021, 23:38 News 613

The Presidential Decree of April 16, 2020 “On measures to radically improve the system of training in the field of Oriental Studies and increase scientific capacity” set the task to further develop research on the factors of development of Eastern countries, their modern socio-political and economic processes. . The seventh scientific-practical conference “Historical Processes of Foreign Eastern Countries and Current Problems of Their Study”, which was held on June 15 this year, expresses such goals. In a short period of time, this scientific conference has become a unique platform for communication between oriental historians of the republic.

At the conference, well-known historian and orientalist Professor Hasanov A.A. “Death of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab and the election of’ Uthman ibn ‘Affan as caliph”, Professor Hayitov Sh.A. “A look at the history of Uzbeks in the East”, Professor Shadmanova S.B. The way of life of the peoples of the East in the eyes of European photographers Associate Professor Zamonov AT On the relations between Shaybanikhan and Shah Ismail.

The seventh conference brought together historians of oriental studies of the republic and discussed many issues related to the historical development and modern development of the eastern countries, exchanged views and drew new scientific conclusions.

The work of the conference shows that the school, which has many years of experience in the study of the history of the peoples of the East in the Republic, is still active. The geography of the topics studied by the authors covers the whole of the Orient. Their chronological boundaries are from ancient times to the present day. Nearly four hundred scientific articles and theses have been published on topics such as current issues and methodology of teaching history.

In short, the most important task for orientalists is to constantly monitor the current political, economic, social and other processes in the countries of the Far East, to analyze them on a scientific basis and to predict the future of these countries. is one of the tasks of the period. The scientific analysis of the current processes in the countries of the Far East will help to determine the role of foreign countries in the near future and in the priorities of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy.

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