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One of the volunteers from China completed his work at TSUOS

22.12.2021, 16:31 News 1149

Referring to the completion of the volunteer work of the Chinese language teacher Xu Yangwei at the Department of Chinese Philology of TSUOS, certificates and memorable gifts were presented on behalf of the Dean’s office and the department.

Xu Yangwei started his activity at TSUOS in 2019. The experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in countries such as Mongolia, Peru, Cambodia influenced his future activities, and he recommend himself as a responsible, professional teacher at TSUOS. The students attended Xu Yangwei’s classes with a great interest. The volunteer from China also took an active part in educational and cultural events organized by the university.

We are grateful to Xu Yangwei and wish him success in his future work.


Press secretary of TSUOS