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Next meeting of the “Young Oriental Diplomats” club

16.12.2022, 10:32 News 733

A roundtable discussion “Youth and public diplomacy: steps towards the future” was held.

Today, public diplomacy has become an important direction of international cooperation in our country. In recent years, the institutional foundations of the industry have been created, huge projects are being implemented, and scientific and research work is being carried out. It is worth noting that it is important to convey the acquired knowledge and experience to the younger generation, to identify young people interested in the field, and to support them. After all, the youth is the force that ensures the sustainability of the values of diplomacy based on the communication of hearts. On December 15 of this year, a roundtable discussion on “Youth and public diplomacy: steps towards the future” was held at the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies.

The event, which was held in order to increase students’ knowledge of public diplomacy, included representatives of the “Young Oriental Diplomats” club of the university.

Famous practitioners and researchers of public diplomacy, Director of the SCO Center for Public Diplomacy in Uzbekistan Kabiljon Sobirov, Rector of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies Gulchekhra Rikhsieva, Associate Professor of National University of Uzbekistan Otabek Alimardanov, professors of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies Shukhrat Yovkochev and Durbek Sayfullaev participated in the event with their lectures.

Speakers at the roundtable discussed the essence of public diplomacy, modern trends, and its role in interstate relations. Kabiljon Sobirov emphasized that relations based on mutual understanding, respect and trust between people of all levels are at the heart of public diplomacy. He also emphasized that working with young people is an important direction of the Center’s activity and called on students and young people to actively participate in the projects being implemented. He noted that strengthening the scientific foundations of public diplomacy in our country is becoming more and more important, the role of the scientific community and young researchers in the development of the field is invaluable, and it is necessary to accelerate the work in this regard.

Current issues of public diplomacy were also raised at the event. In particular, it was emphasized that it is necessary to improve the personnel training system in the field of public diplomacy, to support young people conducting scientific research, and to start systematic work on creating a personnel reserve.

The roundtable discussion continued with the interactive game “Do you know public diplomacy?!”. The winners of the intense competition were awarded with books and souvenirs published by the Center.

It should be noted that students have a great interest in public diplomacy. There is no doubt that the event will be an incentive for them to study the field in depth and become qualified specialists.

At the end of the event, students received answers to their questions from industry experts. The event took place in the form of mutual communication, in a sincere spirit.