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(Uzbek) TDShI TTJda koronavirus infeksiyasi profilaktikasi bo‘yicha yashab turgan xorijlik talaba-stajer va o‘qituvchilar bilan olib borilayotgan ishlar xususida

02.04.2020, 17:20 News 1266

In order to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic in our country, in all higher educational institutions, vacations for students began on March 16, and on March 24, the faculty and staff were sent on labor leave. Students who came from regions to receive education and studied in the capital of our country and regional centers were sent to their place of residence immediately after the quarantine was announced.

Currently, 9 foreign teachers and students live in the Student House of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies.

In the Student House, measures are taken to prevent the spread of infection, in particular, disinfection is carried out, residents are constantly examined by a medical center organized at the Student House, and all conditions for meaningful free time for foreign citizens are created. The rooms of foreign teachers and students are equipped with the necessary material and technical equipment.

During quarantine, all foreign citizens living in the Student House are provided with necessary food, necessary sanitary and hygienic means and essential medicines. All this is carried out at the expense of TSIOS.


On the ground floor of the building of the Student House, a separate medical center is organized – an insulator. The building of the student’s house is connected to the Internet, working 24 hours.


During quarantine, representatives of the international cooperation department, as well as responsible persons from various departments attached to foreign teachers and students, are in constant contact with them via telephone and social networks (telegrams, Facebook).