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HR Department

photo_2019-10-14_18-07-21 Nasirova Nilufar Yuldashova
Post: Начальник отдела
Reception hour: Каждый день (14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99871 233 44 36

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The Human Resources Department of the Institute handles a range of different functions within the organization, namely it is responsible for:

  • recruitment of staff, preparation of employment contracts between the employees, staff and the Institute, making records and establish orders on the employment history and the working procedure;
  • recruitment of professors, teaching staff and administrative staff of the university and making draft orders for transfer or dismissal;
  • performance analysis of faculty and staff integrity, improvement and quality of staff and studying the data as well as other key performance indicators in the field of staff training;
  • assistance in the organization of the state certification of the professors and teachers, deans and the vice-deans of the faculty of the university;
  • providing invitations to management on the establishment and utilization of the staff of the universities management staff;
  • invitation to the management of the university for the organization and promotion of awards to the Ministry;
  • provision of a state-issued sample diploma, diploma attachments and identity cards for an employee on the decision of the State Attestation Commission on the basis of the rector’s order of the Institute, for those who have mastered the requirements of the state educational standards and all the disciplines specified in the curriculum of Bachelor and Master Degree and completed the training and retraining courses of the university issuance;
  • Adoption, registration and storage of students’ personal documents in accordance with established procedure;
  • Issuance of diplomas, diploma attachments and certificates of employment for graduate students in accordance with established rules, regulations;
  • The document issued by the Institute (diploma, diploma attachments and identity cards) responds to the inquiries of the applicants, as well as the inquiries of the university staff, students, and advocates;
  • formalizing informative and analytical data on issuance of diplomas, diploma attachments and identity cards to undergraduates and the graduates of the university ;
  • There is a Student’s Department of the Institute which operates within the Human Resources Department.

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