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Environmental protection in the view of TSUOS students

On February 7-21, 2023, lectures on the special course “Climate change and ecological adaptation to the environment” were held in all faculties of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies.

The lectures of the special course within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals were conducted by K.A.Sadikova, associate professor of the “Pedagogy and psychology” department, candidate of biological sciences. In a special course, lectures were held on the tasks of creating environmental awareness based on global climate change, raising awareness of the contradictions between human and nature, explaining the connection between climate change and human health, forming the skills of young people to care for and preserve the environment. During the lectures, special attention was paid to the following issues, that is, the greenhouse effect, global warming, abnormal cold, the reasons and methods of adaptation to each specific natural phenomenon, and the issues of adaptation to these processes.

At the end of the lecture, discussions were held with students on the topics of economical use of energy resources, simple ways to save electricity and the desire to treat our planet carefully.


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