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Collaborations with health institutions

Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies collaborates with various local and national medical centers to maintain and restore the health of students and teachers. Specifically, regional medicine of Mirabad district in matters of strengthening and maintaining the health of students and teaching staff of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, closely assisting them in introducing the principles of a healthy lifestyle, developing medical culture among students and teaching staff is actively cooperating with the association. As a result of active cooperation, in recent years, medical information statistics of students, professors, teachers, and employees were organized at TSUOS, and with the help of these information statistics, specific principles and mechanisms of strengthening a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases are determined. Thus, measurements for the development of medical culture are developed and put into practice, at the same time, deep attention was paid to ensure the integration of physical education and health measures, mass sports movement with preventive medicine. In addition, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the university has established “Mother and Child” medical rooms, “Health” medical center, “Oriental” psychological service center, reproductive services center with all amenities has been active until today taking into account the interests of students and youth. Also, TSUOS team has been participating in various sports competitions and events organized by Tashkent state medical academy and other health departments and institutions.

To strengthen and maintain the health of students and teaching staff of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, to improve the results of health and well-being, in cooperation with local and national health institutions, medical examinations are carried out twice a year.

Also, the activity of the Trade Union has been established in TSUOS. In order to restore the health of university professors and employees, the University Trade Union provides them with funds from the union and social insurance budgets for sanatoriums, rest houses, sanatorium-prophylactic and children’s health camps.


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