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Cooperation with UPSI and Rasanah International Institute of Iranian Studies

A meeting was held between the founder and president of Rasanah International Institute for Iranian Studies ranking first place in Saudi Arabia and 169th in the world, Mohammed Alsulami, and the rector of Tashkent state university of oriental studies, Professor Rikhsieva Gulchehra Shavkatovna on the 11th July 2023. The parties discussed possible ways of cooperation in the fields of education, research and personnel training.

Besides, on September 15, 2023, representatives of Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), one of the partner universities of Malaysia, visited TSUOS. Within the framework of the visit, negotiations were held on improving the cooperation between the two higher educational institutions, developing joint programs, and bringing the “Malay language” center of our university to a new format. Sultan Idris Education University representatives also presented new literature to the library of the “Malay Language” center of TSUOS.


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