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Elections are a democratic value

On October 23, 2023, Komiljon Suyarov, a student in the 3rd year of the major “Political Science” of the TSUOS, a member of the Youth Parliament under the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, noted the following about the elections and their democratic basis:

Every democratic state establishes people’s power based on this value. Elections are an inextricable sign of a democratic legal state, a key form of free expression of the people’s will, and the participation of citizens in the management of the state and society, which demonstrates how much the legal norms that are in force in our country are in a democratic spirit and are an extremely important and decisive issue.

Great attention is being paid to organizing and conducting elections at a high level following the requirements of our national laws, rich experience and generally recognized international standards, strictly following the principles of independence, legality, collegiality, transparency, and fairness in their activities.

In particular, the proposal to include the procedure for conducting legislative elections on the basis of a mixed (majoritarian, proportional) electoral system in the Electoral Code was also an important step for these processes. Districts are divided into single-mandate and single-electoral. It is being established that 75 deputies of the Legislative Chamber will be elected from single-member constituencies under the majoritarian electoral system, and the remaining 75 from the single-member constituency under the proportional electoral system, i.e. votes cast to political parties.


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