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Online lectures by TSUOS

From November 18 to November 26, 2022, the Humanities Institute of Novosibirsk State University (Russia) hosted online lectures by Natalya Dek-henovna Kim, Doctor of Philology, Professor of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies. The course of lectures covers various topics on topical issues of Korean studies and Korean linguistics: “The language situation. The study of the Korean language in Central Asian countries (using the example of language learning in Uzbekistan)”, “Problems of the disappearance of languages. Koryo mal (the dialect of Koreans of Uzbekistan)”, “Korean language and linguistic research in higher educational institutions”, “Modern Korean linguistics”, “Korean language and youth. Forum of Young Scientists”, etc. The study of the modern Korean language in the CIS countries, in particular, Uzbekistan, is becoming dynamic. The growing interest is connected not only with the economic development and cooperation of the two countries but also with the compact residence of the Korean diaspora in various regions of Uzbekistan. The study is conducted at different levels: from elementary grades of secondary school in optional classes to higher educational institutions as a specialty. The listeners of the online lectures are students, undergraduates, applicants, and the teaching staff of both universities.

In addition, students of Novosibirsk State University expressed opinions on the study of the Korean language, and impressions of online lectures “I watched a video about the formula, very inspiring! I especially liked that your goal is to develop and popularize science among students. As far as I know, many young people do not mind doing science, but they do not know how to approach it. It’s great that you organize such events and help students realize their ambitions. Thank you again very much for the lectures! It was nice to hear about the experience of studying Korean in another country!” (S. Vladimirova, 3rd year of NSU), NSU students expressed their wish for close cooperation between NSU and universities of Uzbekistan, student exchange, internships, etc.

All lectures scheduled on a specific topic received positive feedback.


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