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Department of research, innovation and training of scientific-pedagogical personnel

 photo_2022-08-29_17-15-58 Kalandarov Mirzajon Sitmamatovich
Position: Head of Department
Reception times: Monday, Saturday (10.00-16.00)
Tel.: +998909658656

The main purpose of the department is to plan the research work of the University, to implement and coordinate the technical support of the scientific work carried out, to coordinate the development and implementation of fundamental, practical and innovative grant projects, to train highly qualified scientific personnel, to improve the effectiveness of youth problems, personnel policy, to study world experience in the field of The department conducts research work and grant projects, research activities of doctoral students and independent researchers in accordance with the general activities and work plans of the Institute, in accordance with the prospects and annual work plans.

The main task of the department is determined based on the purpose of the department and consists in:

– Determines the annual scientific activity of the University and coordinates scientific work;

– Determines the range of scientific problems of the University;

– Forms the subject base of scientific research carried out at the University;

– Helps the university to receive scientific researchers and carry out its scientific activities;

– Participates in state scientific grants on topics related to university activities;

– cooperates with scientific journals and publishing houses and carries out scientific publications;

– carries out international cooperation in scientific activities;

– maintains a report on scientific activities.

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