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 Laziz aka Turayev Laziz Abdivali ugli
Academic degree and title: doctor of philosophy (PhD) in historical Sciences
Position: Head of the Department for the organization of research activities of gifted students
Reception times: Monday-Friday (10:00-15:00)
Tel.: +998977200014


Based on the tasks defined in the Presidential Decree No. 4680 of April 16, 2020 “On measures to fundamentally improve the personnel training system in the field of Oriental studies and increase scientific potential”, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan scholarship, Navoi, Islam Karimov, was established in order to ensure participation in the State scholarship competition. The Department of Organization of Scientific Research of Talented Students operates in accordance with the Department’s Regulations and the annual work plan of the department, which is approved annually by the Rector of the University. The Department of Organization of Scientific and Research Activities of Talented Students of the University carries out the following goals and tasks:

The main purposes of the department:

– is a department of the university that organizes the wide involvement of talented students and graduate students in scientific projects and grants

– to ensure the participation of talented students and masters in the competition of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Scholarship, Navoi, Islam Karimov State Scholarships;

– supervision and management of work with talented students in departments, faculties;

– to create a scientific environment and conditions for students to realize and develop their talents, to ensure the active participation of scientific schools and scientists, professors-teachers in this work;

– to ensure active participation of students in scientific-research, creative work conducted in the departments;

– involving a wide scientific community in activities aimed at developing their creative and intellectual potential in terms of professional training;

– organization and holding of student scientific conferences, seminars, scientific-research contests, roundtable discussions, science olympiads and other events, etc.

The main tasks of the department:

– selecting independent-minded, capable, talented students interested in scientific activity from the first courses and connecting them to potential professors-teachers;

– organization of scientific seminars with the participation of students on important aspects of new start-ups, preparation of articles for competitions and publishing;

– Organization of additional lessons in the history of Uzbekistan, information technologies and foreign languages for the participants of the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi, Islam Karimov State scholarship competition;

– formation and coordination of activities of scientific societies of talented students at the university;

– search for, identify, and unite talented students under the “Talented Students” center;

– organization of targeted training of talented students depending on their ability and inclination;

–  conducting monitoring in order to identify the talented ones among the 1st year students admitted to study.

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