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Sodiqova Shirin Baxtiyorovna
Scientific degree and title: Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor
Post Head of Department
Reception hour: Daily (14:00-16:00)
Tel: +998 93 581 93 33

Department of “Uzbek Language and literature”

During the period of independency, completely new tasks and new goals were set for higher education. The team of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies is also working together to fulfill these tasks and achieve its goals. First and foremost, orientalists and researchers are tasked with studying, restoring, and disseminating our national spiritual heritage to the general public. Next, the task was established to train orientalists who would be able to translate interstate economic and legal documents that are well versed in the language and cultural and social life, economic and political processes, customs and traditions of our country. The Department of Uzbek Language and Literature also contributes to the implementation of this work, because a person who does not know his native language well cannot be a mature specialist, cannot achieve perfection. The department of Uzbek language and literature was established on May 18, 2019 and is an interfaculty service department.

 Scientific projects of the department

  • Conducting joint research work (conducting research on the subject Final qualifying work, Master’s thesis, PhD)
  • Preparation of research projects
  • Preparation of analytical materials

Partner organizations of the department

  • Institute of Uzbek Language, Literature and Folklore
  • Academic Lyceum of Foreign Languages at TSUOS

Photo reports on the activities of the department

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