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TSUOS teacher at the International conference at Malang Islam University

27.11.2021, 16:44 1599

The International conference named “Second ICON-LLCE: strengthening bahasa Indonesia as an international language through culture, literature and language diplomacy” was held at Malang Islam University (UNISMA), which is one of TSUOS partner educational establishments on November 26-27, 2021.


At this conference, Mr Samigov Boburjon the lecturer of South and South Eastern languages department has participated as an expert and keynote speaker. In his speech and presentation “Essential factors of enhancing the BIPA functions in the international scope: diplomatic, educational, cultural and philosophical signification” the importance of this international conference in the current state of Indonesian studies in Uzbekistan, in particular in TSUOS, the development of the field, the role of BIPA (Indonesian speakers abroad) program as an international language in Indonesia, as well as in-depth study were highlighted.



Press secretary of TSUOS