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Winners of TSUOS students

On April 14-15, parliamentary debates were held at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy among students of 4 universities: UWED, TSUOS, MGIMO-Tashkent and MIA. The event was organized by the UWED Debate Club.

The game was attended by four teams from each higher educational institution, each of which went through two stages in each round and dropped out based on the accumulated points. The team speakers switched roles in each tournament and spoke with arguments from both the government and the opposition. Team topics were determined directly 15 minutes before the start of the game, and each round consisted of a new agenda.

According to the results of the final, the first place was taken by a team of representatives of TSUOS under the name “Horde of Realists”, consisting of: Rizabayeva Iroda and Usmanova Amira. The winners showed themselves from the best side and demonstrated the ability to defend their point of view, reinforcing it with strong arguments.

The debates were held at a qualitatively new level of organization, and the TSUOS team hopes to further develop their success in this direction.

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