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“Oriental” psychological service center

03.05.2023, 20:51 Announcements 1062


According to the decision of the Scientific Council of the University the “Oriental” psychological service center under Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies started its own production.

The center provides psychological services in three different directions.

First: individual psychological consultation

Second: short-term (10-day) psychological courses

Third: provision of corporate psychological services to state and non-state organizations and educational institutions.

By participating in the following short-term (10-day) psychological courses we offer, you a course completion certificate.

Short-term courses:

  • Neurographics;
  • Psychogymnastics;
  • Self-development and self-awareness;
  • Personal psychological problems;
  • Secrets of mind control;
  • Stress and depression, chronic depressed mood;
  • Family relationships;
  • Secrets of being happy;
  • Mistakes parents make in raising a child;
  • Secrets of using creative resources;
  • Modern management technologies;
  • Innovative technologies of effective organization of pedagogical activities;
  • Development of pedagogical skills and abilities;

Directions of providing corporate psychological services to state and non-state organizations and educational institutions:

– Improving the social and psychological environment in the team;

– Manager and employee relations;

– Diagnosis and elimination of professional stress and professional burnout;

– Psychological resources that create effective activity;

Psychological services, training and consultations are provided by qualified specialists in Uzbek and Russian languages.

Invest in your personal development! If you want to know your potential resources and mobilize them in your work, contact us and improve.

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Address: 16, Shakhrisabz Street, Mirabad district, Tashkent city

Destination: Oybek metro station. Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies.

Registration hours: 9:00 to 18:00