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Uzbekistan and UNESCO: the history of the formation of cultural relations and development prospects

The scientific collection “Uzbekistan and UNESCO: the history of the formation of cultural relations and prospects for development” was published at the research center for the study of Eastern culture and heritage at Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies.

UNESCO, a UN organization specialized in education, science and culture issues, operates in such areas as establishing peace in the world, eradicating poverty, ensuring sustainable development, creating intercultural communication through education, developing science fields, helping international cultural and information exchange.

In 2022, it has been 29 years since our country became a member of this organization, which has a high reputation and prestige in the international arena. Over the past period, relations between Uzbekistan and UNESCO have developed rapidly, especially in the field of culture. In particular, close cooperation has been established with this organization in preserving the rich cultural heritage of our country.

With the support of UNESCO, the organization of “Sharq taronalari” and a number of large-scale international events in the field of culture in our country serves as a basis for further development of relations.

This collection of scientific articles was compiled by the “Research center for oriental culture and heritage” under Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies based on the materials of the scientific-practical conference.

The collection consists of scientific articles such as relations and cultural diplomacy between Uzbekistan and UNESCO, about the organizational and legal aspects, as well as the issues of including objects of cultural heritage preservation, their export and import in the UNESCO list, the international community and the next generation, UNESCO’s role in ensuring gender equality.


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