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Student of TSUOS who was elected as a member of the Youth Parliament


In January-February 2023, the election for the membership of the Youth Parliament under the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis was held in an open and transparent manner, the selection was full of heated debates.

It was not easy for the experienced and demanding jury to identify the most active, enterprising and intelligent among the applicants. Candidates were tested on the basis of their solutions to youth problems, suggestions for improving legislation, knowledge and responsiveness, as well as public speaking skills, the ability to fully convey the content of their project to the audience, and similar criteria.

Happily, 53 young men and women who were candidates from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan became members of the Youth Parliament in accordance with the relevant decision of the Commission on Youth Affairs, among them Komil Suyarov, the leader of the Youth Union of TSUOS University, was among these candidates.

The team of the university congratulates the student of TSUOS who won the election and wishes good luck and success on the way to justify the high trust expressed, and to work efficiently and productively.


10.04.2023, 14:55 1037