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Publishing activity of TSUOS students

The books “Grammatical Categories in Arabic and English” and poetry “Alfath” by TSUOS students, Shahobiddin Yoldashev, Hamidova Gulnoza and Abdusalomova Khurshida, were published on in the United States of America.

Also, under the scientific guidance of Abdulaziz Rustamov, Shahobiddin Yoldashev’s article “Creation of Arabic Linguistics” was published in the Egyptian magazine “Stars of Egypt” and the article “Poetic Skill in Creating a Lyrical Hero” was published in the magazine “New Uzbekistan”.

In addition, an article entitled “How to effectively teach young children?” by a 2nd-year student of Arabic philology, Hamraeva Robiyabonu, was published in the international magazine “Page 3 News”, which is printed in the USA, Canada and Thailand.

Such publishing activities of students will help them earn money in their field in the future.

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