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Roundtable discussion on women’s issues

On October 16, 2022, the Women’s Council of the university organized a roundtable discussion for students on the topic of “Family relations, divorce and the factors that cause it, secrets of a happy family” at the dormitory. Gulbahor Kulmatova, deputy of Mirabad District Council of People’s Deputies, and head of Mirabad District Registry Office, took part in it with her speech and spoke to the students about the current statistics of rulings and their reasons.

Also, during the conversation, mutual relations between young people, cases of divorce in the family of mother-in-law, husband and wife, and life events were explained through examples. Students enjoyed the question-and-answer roundtable discussion.

Gulbahor Kulmatova, deputy of Mirabad District Council, visited the student residence of TSUOS and got acquainted with the conditions created for the students, the library, computer room, kitchens, and laundry rooms, as well as the way of living of the students. During the visit, Deputy G.Kulmatova was accompanied by the chairman of University Women’s Council Sh.Zaynutdinova, Chairwoman of the Women’s Council of Faculty of Turkic Studies M.Habibullayeva and Chairwoman of the Women’s Council of Faculty of Korean Studies L.Alimova. Deputy G.Kulmatova positively evaluated the conditions created by the university for students and put forward the issue of providing practical assistance in the winter season for the introduction of a vehicle on the route between the dormitory and the university.

At the same time, she expressed her desire to help students in other conditions necessary for their education.


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