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27.04.2024, 17:53 News 236

On April 27, 2024, the “I-Forum of Turkologists of Uzbekistan” was held at Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies.


Turkic scholars from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan participated in the forum with their lectures.


The event was also attended by state figures, well-known poets and writers, industry experts.


More than 80 articles were submitted to this year’s Forum. Among them, 45 articles were selected by the commission and published as a collection. Although the first “Forum of Turkologists of Uzbekistan” was organized on the scale of the republic, the interest of scientists and researchers from many countries of the world was high. “I Forum of Turkic linguists of Uzbekistan” at the university continued its work, divided into branches called “Issues of Linguistics” and “Issues of Turkish Literary Studies, Translation Studies and Methodology”.


The topics presented at the forum include linguistics, literary studies of Turkic studies, important issues of researching the history of Turkic languages, translation into Turkish and Uzbek, Uzbek and Turkish languages, issues of teaching the science of Turkish language and literature, problems in the process of educating a new generation of Turkic scholars and covers various issues such as solutions. The forum was full of scientific lectures and heated debates filled with new theoretical views.